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The training required for an obstacle course race or mud run is different from almost all other types of training. During an event, many people who consider themselves decent 5k or 10k runners struggle mightily on the obstacles and end-up skipping them altogether. Other people who know their way around a weight room pretty well find themselves sucking wind or walking sections of the course.

Get in amazing shape!

SDOCR offers training, coaching, and a supportive community to help you reach your goals; whether you want to get in better shape, run your first race, or come in first place. To deliver a performance you will be happy with, you’ll need a unique blend of strength and endurance you can’t build just road running.

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance

Cardiorespiratory endurance refers to the ability of the body to perform prolonged, large-muscle, dynamic exercise at moderate-to-high levels of intensity. Cardiorespiratory endurance is an important part of overall physical fitness.


Stamina is the ability to physically last throughout a long or particularly straining activity such as a marathon, without becoming exhausted.


Strength refers to a muscle’s ability to generate force against physical objects. In the fitness world, this typically refers to how much weight you can lift for different strength training exercises. The type of resistance can include dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, machines, cables, medicine balls or your own body. When lifting heavy weight, you increase strength, muscle size and connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons.


Flexibility refers to the ability to move joints through their entire range of motion, from a flexed to an extended position. The flexibility of a joint depends on many factors including the length and suppleness of the muscles and ligaments and the shape of the bones and cartilage that form the joint. Flexibility can be genetic, but it can also be developed by stretching.


Getting strong is one thing, but getting powerful requires another element in your training. Power is the combination of strength and speed over time.


Almost any sport can benefit from a combination of speed and endurance. Most athletes spend the bulk of their training time focused on endurance, but speed drills are a great way to kick your performance up a notch.

Coordination and Agility

All athletes can benefit from agility and coordination drills to help improve coordination, speed, power and specific sports skill. These drills will perfect your foot speed and refine your technique. Agility skill exercises are designed to improve the power and strength in the muscles.


Improving your balance may not be number one on your priority list but, maybe it should be. Balance falls into the same category as flexibility, core strength, and mobility. These are all things our bodies need to function efficiently, but many of us don’t actually do exercises to improve them. If you exercise regularly, you already work on your balance without even knowing it. But, just because you exercise doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.

ANW / American Ninja Warrior Training

If you are interested in submitting an application to be on American Ninja Warrior, Season 6, we can walk you through the process, and give you tips on how to get accepted (over 7,000 people applied for only 125 spots in the South West Qualifying round).

Are you ready to compete?

If you’re really serious about making it, we offer training in our new indoor/outdoor training area to tackle the American Ninja Warrior obstacles.

Just send us an email through our Contact page and let us know you’re ready to Ninja-up!

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